Top 5 Reasons for Running Your First 5k

Running your first 5k is an exciting event. A 5k run is a very popular race for a beginner to venture into distance running.Focus on the top 5 reasons for running your first 5k mentioned below and they will keep you motivated to run your first 5k race.

  1. Lose weight and get into shape

    Running is the best exercise to lose weight and get into shape. Running gives your body a complete cardiovascular workout: most effective in losing weight in the waist and hips area.

  2. Relieve stress

    Running helps to relieve stress and is suggested by some experts as a cure for depression. While your body is focussed on running, your mind is in a completely relaxes state.

  3. Build confidence

    Running builds a lot of confidence in people. If you lose weight by running, it boosts your confidence and increases your self-esteem. You are willing to run the extra mile the next week; not only in running but also in other aspects of life. If you look at what you have achieved when you first started running and compare it to where you currently are, you will have an increased amount of self-confidence.

  4. Improve self

    Running teaches about focus and determination. If you start running and building up on your runs every week to get into distance running, you will need a lot of determination and focus to run the last few miles. Increasing the mileage every week contributes to your focus and helps in improving one's own self - it benefits the body, mind and the soul.

  5. Connect with the sub-conscious mind

    Running helps in connecting with the subconscious mind. When you are running, your body is doing all the work of propelling itself forward. Your mind is at peace and working to suggest solutions to questions or issues that you may have at hand. The best way to trigger the sub-conscious mind is to submit your question to your sub-conscious the night before the run. Sometime during the run, you will get an impulse of a thought. This thought may be the answer you are looking for or a path that will lead you to your ultimate answer.

Learn more about 5k training. For a beginner to start training to run a 5k distance, the best way to get started is the 5k run-walk method.

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