Replacing Running Shoes: When do you need to do it?

It is critical to know the timing of replacing running shoes - when do you do it?

Most running shoes last 300-500 miles and are due to be replaced after that depending on how the shoes are used. This depends on the running surface, the running style and the weight of the runner. The running shoes lose stability and shock absorption capacity when used over time. This stresses the legs and feet and leads to risk of injury.

It is important to be aware of the tips to choose the best running shoes while selecting your running shoes.

Mileage Indicator

Track your mileage when you do your runs. The estimated life of a running shoes is approximately 400 miles. Lighter runners may find that their shoes last a little longer. Heavier runners may find that their shoes last for less than 400 miles.

Body-ache indicator

Another way to know the life of your shoe is to use your body-ache indicator. Typically, when shoes wear out or are close to replacement, you may start having aches in the lower part of the body - feet, knees, hamstrings etc.

No matter what option you use, make sure you replace your running shoes in time to avoid running injuries. Also, never use a brand new pair of shoes during your race.

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