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Are you an enthusiastic person looking for online contests to enter? Win eprizes by entering our online contests. Perfect for people with a little bit of competitive spirit, who are looking to win prizes online.

Currently, we have an ongoing contest for a book review. If you would like to participate, you can get more information for the online book review contest.

Why online contests?

Ever since Survivor hit the television, reality television and it has taken off since then. This is also spreading to the internet.

Contests are very helpful to individuals in a number of ways:

    • They promote a spirit of enthusiasm
    • They force you to compete with other competitors to win
    • Competition helps individuals excel at a task in hand
    • They also promote an environment to learn new skills or better existing ones
    • They compel you to complete a task at hand in a specified timeframe

Ideas for online contests

An online contest needs to be interesting and have a goal. We are always looking for new ideas for online contests. If you think you have an idea for a contest, please feel free to make your suggestion:

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The idea needs to be reasonable, related to half marathon running in some form or the other.

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