Nike Women's Half Marathon Entrance lottery

by Anonymous

Q: For the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco entrance lottery, is the random drawing for entry for everyone (US residents and non-US residents) or just non-US residents?

A: The random drawing is meant for all participants: it is not dependent on your place of residence.

Another question asked along the same lines was:
Q: What is the best way to get selected: single or group?

A: Nike states that its drawings are random. So, it should not make a difference whether you enter as a group or single. The advantage to enter using a group is that if you are chosen, your entire group will get selected to run the race.

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Nike Women's Half Marathon Entrance lottery

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Apr 29, 2011
by: RPadilla

I'm so disappointed that our group wasn't chosen to run the half, this is the second year. I also thought the email sent from Nike was a little misleading in the beginning. It sounded like we were chosen at first. It was a bad enough not getting in, the letter from Nike was "salt in the wounds."

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