Nike Half Marathon Course Map

The Nike Half Marathon Course Map for the 2011 Nike Women’s half marathon is shown below. The elevation profile for the race course gives you an idea about how hilly the course for the Nike San Francisco half marathon is.

There are two hills along the half-marathon course. The first hill has a maximum elevation of approximately 290 feet. The second hill has a maximum elevation of approximately 345 feet. The first hill is between mile 6 and mile 7 and the second hill is between mile 8 and mile 9.

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Attractions along the Nike race course

The course traverses some of the tourist attractions in the city of San Francisco. The starting point of the course is Union Square in San Francisco.

Some of the attractions you will see along the course for the Nike half marathon are views of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, views of the Bay and Alcatraz, Marina district, views of the Alcatraz, etc.

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The half-marathon and the full marathon course both start in Union Square and end in Golden Gate park in San Francisco. The course is not a loop, i.e. it does not start and end at the same point.

The half and full marathon share the same course for the first 10 miles or so. After mile 10, there is a split in the course and the full-marathon course traverses a different route. The full marathon course merges with the half marathon course towards the end of the race.

Visit Nike half marathon 2011 FAQ for more information about this race with the Tiffany necklace as the finisher medal in San Francisco.

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