Lottery pick vs Team in Training for Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco

by Amber

Q: I was wondering if you knew about the lottery pick for being able to run the Nike Women's Marathon. I heard that it does go by lottery and that you may sign up with a team and face the odds; however, I was curious if you didn't make it into the lottery, are you able to sign up for Team in Training? I heard they have the option to participate with a guaranteed spot to run if you join Nike Team in Training and raise money for the event. I really want to participate in this event, and don't want to miss out if my team doesn't get picked! I would be determined to raise money if needed! Thanks for any help!

A: Hi Amber,

Yes, it is true that if you sign up with Team in Training (TNT), you don't need to be picked by the lottery. However, you do need to raise funds for TNT - I think the amount is around $2500-5000.

Once you raise these funds, you can train with TNT and not worry if you are not a lottery winner.

You can choose to wait until the lottery results are announced and see what your options are at that point. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

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