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Union Square San Francisco: Race Start

Hotels for Nike half marathon in San Francisco close to the start line are located in Union Square. Learn more about this wonderful race in the Nike half-marathon ebook to guide you to have an enjoyable experience.

Visit the Nike half marathon 2011 page for more FAQ on the Women's half marathon in San Francisco.

As soon as the registration opens for the Nike Women's marathon, hotels are filled to capacity the same day. Here are a few tips that will help you with booking your hotel.

Interested in training for Nike half marathon in San Francisco?

When to book the hotel?

If you have decided to run the race, it is best to plan in advance. Book the hotels before the opening of the registration is publicly announced. Hotels like Hyatt, Marriot in the area cost around $250-$300 or more for one night. So if sharing the room is an option, share it with a few friends.

While two people in a room can cost you $125-$150/night, four people in the same room can reduce your cost to $62.50-$75 per night. This means that if you stay for two nights, it will cost around $125-$150.

Where to book the hotel?

Cost is one of the major factors that will determine where you would like to book a hotel. Hotels close to the start line are expensive since Union Square in San Francisco is a prime tourist spot. All the hotels close to Union Square are close to the start line.

If you are traveling alone, consider joining other runners to share a room, if you are open to sharing. If sharing is not possible and cost is an issue, you may want to book a less expensive hotel further from start line and arrange transportation on race day.

Tips to book a hotel for the race

    • Decide on whether you will stay close to the race starting point
    • Decide whether or not you would like to share a room with other runners
    • Reserve the hotel room before you register for the race
    • Check the hotel cancellation policy before you reserve your room
In the worst case scenario, if you don't get selected to run the race, you can cancel the hotel reservation - most of the times, at no charge.

If you don't have room-mates for the hotel, you can always get them later. For more information about this race and details, the Nike half-marathon ebook can serve as your guide.

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