Health and Fitness Book Reviews

Health and Fitness Book Reviews discusses more about books on health and fitness. The discussion is not focussed to fitness per se, there are various factors affecting health and fitness. Motivational books are a big part of getting started and staying on track for any fitness goal.

Motivational books

At the beginning of each new year, resolutions are made by millions of people to get fit. Motivation is essential to complete any task successfully.

Keeping motivation and the new year in mind, we have a contest open to everyone to participate in the The Slight Edge Book Review. This is an excellent motivational book and the lessons from it apply to all walks of life.

Why book reviews?

Book reviews are a good way to read good books, discuss your thoughts with others and get opinion of other people. Everyone reading the book will see things differently. Hearing other people's opinion often complements our understanding of the books. Depending on their life experiences, every person will relate to a story differently.

Book reviews also help people get motivated to read a good book and understand it.

The book reviews here are open for people — you can read the suggested book and share your opinion about what you think about the book.

Book Review Contest

The book review contest is now open. Rules of the contest are as follows:
  • Read the book The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life
  • Post your review: The Slight Edge Book Review at the end of the page
  • All reviews must be original and must not have been copied from somewhere else
  • The best three book reviews will win a first, second and third prize respectively
  • The deadline for the submissions is midnight(PDT) February 7, 2011

Suggestions for Book Reviews

Do you have any suggestions for book reviews? If so, please suggest the name and author of the book by contacting us here. The book has to be related to half marathon running; either directly or indirectly. Indirect corelation would be motivational books, nutrition books or other health and fitness related category that directly affects the performance of a runner during half marathons.

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