Half Marathon Pace

Half Marathon Pace is a measure of distance and time - how much time does it take to cover a half marathon distance i.e a distance of 13.1 miles. It is measured in minutes/mile. For example, if you complete a half marathon in 2 hours 10 minutes, then your average half marathon pace is approximately 10 minutes/mile.

In order to complete a half-marathon in 2 hours, you may find Five different ways to complete a 2 hour half-marathon ebook very helpful. It outlines tips and techniques to complete a half-marathon in 2 hours in five different ways.

Mile pace

If a runner takes 10 minutes to run a mile, his pace is 10minutes/mile. His speed on the other hand is 6 mph since he will run 6 miles in 1 hour or 60 minutes.

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Race pace

Race pace is the pace of a runner during the race. Race pace is usually faster than training pace for many runners. The excitement and the adrenaline during the race help contribute towards a faster race pace.

Average pace

Average pace is the ratio of the total distance covered by the runner to the total time it takes to cover the distance.

For instance, if a runner takes 2 hours to complete a half marathon, then his average pace is 120 minutes/13.1 miles=9.16 minutes/mile.

Very seldom do runners have the same pace throughout the race. Many runners start fast and lose their pace towards the end of the race. Some runners start slow and increase their pace towards the end of the race.

Half-marathon pace guide

There are different ways to find the average pace while running a half marathon. Each of these methods serve as a guide to indicate your average pace.

  • Using mile markers
    • Every mile has a sign post starting from mile 0. Note the time you start at a mile and you end at the next mile. This will give you the average pace for 1 mile.
  • Using Garmin watches
    • The Garmin watch has a display on it which indicates the average pace for a mile. Garmin watches are fairly expensive in the range of several hundred dollars.
  • Using Pace tattoo
    • A Pace tattoo is a temporary tattoo on the hand which indicates the pace you need at every mile for a defined finish time.

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