Half Marathon Jewelry

What type of jewelry do you wear as half marathon jewelry?

Running charms are a very popular item.

How do you wear running charms?

Running charms can be worn in different ways:

  • Bracelet: use a number of charms on a single bracelet
  • Chain: Wear a number of charms on a silver chain

Silver chain

What do you look for in a silver chain?

Half Marathon Silver Chain

A plain chain is better because it enhances the beauty of the charm around it. People are more drawn to the charm due to the simple elegant nature of the chain.

Most common silver used for jewelry is 0.925 sterling silver - which is 92.5% silver and stamped somewhere on the silver jewelry being sold.

Common length of the chain is approximately 18 inches including the clasp. The clasp is approximately 2.5".

You can use this silver chain to proudly display your running charms.

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