Half Marathon Guide

Half marathon guide covers some information for a beginner who has very little or no running experience and would like to train for a half marathon.

Running base

When you plan to run a half marathon, you need to have a
running base. Either you already have a running base or you can start establishing a base by running a 5k first. A running base of 3-5 miles is sufficient to start training for a half marathon.


When you commit to training for a half-marathon, you need to plan your schedule so that you can devote time for training. The time commitment is less rigorous during weekdays and requires a few hours during weekends.


Planning for rest days is equally important. Not taking proper rest leads to running injuries which can keep you from running completely.


Running generates a lot of sweat and the running clothes need to absorb sweat. Dri-fit fabric is the perfect material for running clothes since it absorbs sweat.


Proper food during training for the half-marathon is important. The body needs enough fuel to go for the entire run. Food containing carbohydrates is generally the best choice of food to eat before and during long runs.

Race selection

Selecting a first race to run is an important decision. Select a race that is fun, close to your area and has good reviews. Invite friends and family to cheer you for the race.

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