First Half Marathon: Tips to Make Your Race Enjoyable

A first half marathon is an exciting event. When people start training for the event, they usually have experience running a few miles. Building that up to run a distance of 13.1 miles is fun and exciting.

The key ingredients necessary for success are:

  • Motivation
  • Training plan
  • Signing up for the first event


Well begun is half done is a well-known proverb. Without the will to succeed and some internal motivation, it is difficult to train for such an event. Hence, it is important to get motivated and stay motivated throughout the training.

Training Plan

For most people running a half marathon for the first time, it is extremely helpful to sign up for a training program. This could be an online half marathon e-course or some other program where group training is involved. Training programs have well defined plans and groups - both these factors help in staying in touch with fellow runners and having discussions about the challenges involved in training for the half marathon, staying motivated and moving to the next level. Half Marathon Training Programs also address the questions:

  • What to eat before a marathon?
  • How much to drink before a marathon?
which are important factors in finishing the race.

A few training programs like the Nike half marathon involve fund raising to train for the race. These funds go towards cancer research.

Signing up for the first event

Signing up for the first race around the time you start training will act as one of the factors to keep you motivated. Most race reviews are impartial, so it is important to check the race reviews before you sign up for a race. Sign up for a race which has good reviews. This will make your first event an enjoyable experience.

What should the time be for a first half marathon?

The first race should be a goal - not a time event. It is important to be able to cross the finish line for the first race. The subsequent races can be used to increase your speed and get a better timing. Many of the first time runners have a time between 2 and 3 hours - a better feel for the timing can be obtained during training runs.

If you have a question about your first race that has not been answered, send a request to important question and elaborate on your question.

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