Ecourse 5k Training for Beginners

Welcome to the Ecourse 5k training for beginners!

This e-course will is an excellent way for a beginner to start running and run a 5k.

What is the Ecourse 5k training for beginners?

  • An online course
  • Weekly instructions on your plan of action for each week
  • By following the plan, you will be running a 5K in 10 weeks

Who is this course for?

  • For beginners, who have never run before
  • For people who started running, but gave up because they got out of breath
  • For people who have always wanted to run to exercise and enjoy the benefits of running
If you are at a 5K level, please visit
beginner half marathon training E-course for more info.

beginner 5k training e-course

Here is what the course will offer:

The ecourse is composed of the following:

Weekly Plan

  • Each week's plan to go from No Running to 5k in 10 weeks will be emailed to you every week

Getting started with running

  • Equipment needed, Planning needed, What you need to know to get started

Run-walk segments to build up endurance

  • Get acquainted with running. If you have never run before, let your body adjust to running gradually. Use the run-walk method to build up endurance & your running base

Running race registration

  • Now is the time to see which races will be right for you. Select a race in your neighborhood, plan for the race andget motivated to run the race.

Race day and further ahead

  • Prepare for race day. After the race, celebrate. This is the perfect time to further yourself into your next goal. A 10K or a half-marathon.

In addition you will receive:

FREE Bonus # 1

      FREE Running Journal:

      • Use this Running Journal to record your progress as you train for the 5k.
FREE Bonus # 2

      FREE Ebook: 5 Tips to Ace Your First 5K Race

      • These tips will put you ahead of the game for your first 5K race.

Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money back guarantee
    • Completely risk-free to try
    • Nothing to lose, but so much to gain
    • Instant access within minutes of placing the order
    • You will be on your way to start preparing for your first 5k, lose weight and get in shape

Download your copy of Ecourse 5k training for beginners right now! This ecourse is in a pdf file format. You can access it from any computer or print it and read it in bed!

What are you waiting for? Take ACTION right now!

What about the price?

Now back to the price. Anyway you look at it, $99.95 is a terrific value. That’s less than $10 a week for your lessons. The lessons last for an entire period of 10 weeks — at this point you will be running a 5k. For this price, you will learn to run a 5k and carry that skill with you for a lifetime.

Are you ready to start running?

Step 1: Read the Terms and Conditions before you sign up

Step 2: Register and Confirm payment below

beginner 5k training e-course

The first Module will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase the course. Please Contact us for any questions about this course.
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