Custom Orthotics or Custom Inserts

Are custom orthotics or custom inserts a necessity? Depends on the biomechanics of your feet - also referred to as pronation and the distances of your runs.

The long runs for training during a half-marathon and marathon really test your body. As you start increasing your miles on your training runs, the "human" aspect of your body will start to reveal itself.

You need to be aware of tips to choose the best running shoes. Else, you may start getting foot pain or aches and pains in different parts of the body. The best option is to get your feet examined by a podiatrist. See if you will have a need for custom orthotic inserts or you can get away with over the counter inserts.

Over the counter inserts

If you need to purchase insoles for the shoes, you can get over the counter or trim to fit insoles. These will help transform a good shoe to a better shoe.

Custom inserts

In some cases, custom foot orthotics may be needed. Custom inserts are fairly expensive, but if your feet demand them you may have to indulge in them. Treat this as an expense of the last resort. Check with your health insurance to see if they cover any part of the expense for the orthotics.

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