Can men run the NWM & what happens when a group is choosen?

by Erica
(British Columbia, Canada)

Q: Can men run the NWM in San Francisco?

If I register a group and they are selected in the random draw, what happens if everyone on the group is no longer able to participate in the race? Can part of the group still participate?

A: Hi Erica,

Men can also run the NWM in San Francisco. However, the majority of the participants are female runners.

After you register a group, if someone cannot participate, the remainder of the group can still run. However, if you do this, you are blocking spots for some candidates who can run and want to run. So, please make sure that the group you plan to run with are really motivated, excited and want to participate in the race as badly as everyone else.

Also, your question was combined along with another submission regarding participation of men.

Best wishes,

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