Big Sur Half Marathon Course Map

The Big Sur Half Marathon Course Map for the 2011 Big Sur half marathon is shown below. The elevation profile for the race course gives you an idea about the hills and the flatness of the course.

There is only one small hill along the course. The rest of the course is pretty flat. As can be seen from the course map, most of the run is along the ocean.

Big Sur race course

This race allows the use of Ipods for those runners who are not competing for prize money. They prefer that runners not use audio devices while running since it results in inability to hear any verbal instructions, approaching vehicles or course marshals.

The Big Sur half marathon provides music along the course. Since the course is a loopback, you will be able to see the winning group of runners competing for prizes running in opposite direction when you run along the course.

As you cross the finish line, you will hear your name announced on the audio system; audible to everyone in the nearby vicinity. Along with your name, your city in which you registered is also announced. It will give you pleasure to hear your name being called out when you cross the finish line.

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The half-marathon course starts in downtown Monterey. The course ends near custom house plaza between Portola Hotel and Spa and Fisherman's Wharf. The starting point and ending point of the course is not the same.

The half marathon course is a loopback — there is a U turn after the mile 7 mark. As can be seen from the course map, most of the course is along the ocean. You’ll enjoy spectacular views and entertainment along the course. The aid stations provide energy gels and water along the course.

Visit Big Sur half marathon for more information about this race and a link to register for the 2011 race.

For more information on other half marathons in the San Francisco Bay area, please visit San Francisco half marathons.

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