Best Running Tips for Beginners

Looking for Best Running Tips for Beginners? Look no further. Here is a list of five best running tips for beginners. In addition, you can either contribute a running tip or ask a question and get it answered.

Best Running Tips for Beginners

  1. Develop a running base before working on speed

    A good running base is essential to start running. If you are just starting to exercise or coming back after a hiatus, use the run-walk method to develop a running base. This method was developed by the great Olympian Jeff Galloway and it will help you get comfortable with running.

  2. Keep a running journal

    A lot of factors go into making a good run and it is not humanly possible to remember all these variables. Hence, it is important to keep a running journal. Logging in every run with the appropriate comments will help you prepare better. It will also help you come up with your "best" list in terms of food, running drinks, running clothes, running socks, shoes etc.

  3. Combine running with cross-training

    Whenever you are training for a race, combine running with another cross-training activity. It can be anything like cycling, swimming, kickboxing, step aerobics etc. This gives a workout to different muscles of the body. It is imperative to assign at least a day or more as rest day during the week as well.

  4. Do NOT compare yourself to other runners

    A lot of reasons why people give up running is because they try to run fast the first day they start. They want to be cool like other runners. However, everyone is at a different level and everyone needs to start at a different pace. The other runners were also new when they first started. Start at your own pace and you can pick up speed later. Remember: Walk before you run

  5. Do NOT try anything new on race day

    Never try a new pair of running shoes, running socks, clothes, food or drinks on race day. The very reason you kept a running journal is because you were trying to make the race day the best possible run. If you try something new on race day and it doesn't work, you will end up ruining your race day experience.

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