5K Training

What is a 5K distance?

Assuming that you have never run before, in order to finish a 5K training comfortably, it should take about 6-8 weeks. Wondering what are the top 5 reasons for running your first 5k?. If you run regularly for 3 days a week, you should be able to do a 5K in about 6-8 weeks. This will form your running base for any long distance races to come.

Most people try to rush running and squeeze the time frame to a shorter amount. This will cause shortness of breath, injuries and loss of interest.

5K training for beginners

Girl training for a 5K

What is the best way to train for a 5k for a beginner?

If you are a beginner and someone who has never run before, the best way to get started is to use the run-walk method introduced by the great Olympian: Jeff Galloway. The 5k run-walk method is the most popular method for a beginner to successfully train for a 5k.

For more information, go to 5k training plan for a detailed outline of a 5k training plan for beginners.

How to run a 5K in 10 weeks or less... & have fun doing it!

Are you a beginner and need all the information to train for a 5K?

Free 5K training plan for beginners

Get a printable version of the Free 5K training plan for beginners to start running a 5K.

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